Australian Brewery Kingsford Invitational 2017

Massive news was dropped on the Australian barbecue community this week with the announcement of the 2017 Australian Brewery Kingsford Invitational, Australia’s first-ever ABA Sanctioned Invitational Barbecue Competition.

Up to 35 teams will battle it out for bragging rights and more than $40,000 in Cash, Prizes & Trophies with thanks to the Australian Brewery, Kingsford and a host of other partners and sponsors.

This Prestige barbecue competition will be held on site at the Australian Brewery, on Annangrove Road, Rouse Hill, NSW on the 25th & 26th November 2017 and will also be the Final Round of the Barbeques Galore Australian Barbecue Championships for 2017

The ABA thanks the Promoters – Australian Brewery – and Major Sponsors, Kingsford – for their support of the ABA and also competition barbecue in Australia.

The Australian Brewery Kingsford Invitational announcement.$40,000 Prize PoolNovember 25-26th 2017Australian Brewery, Rouse Hill.

Posted by Australasian Barbecue Alliance on Tuesday, May 23, 2017


How it works – Team Nominations & Judging. 

The Top 20 Ranked Teams from the 2016 Barbeques Galore Australian Barbecue Championships auto-qualify to participate if they wish to nominate.

A further 10 spots will be available for any team to nominate that holds an ABA Competition Grand Championship or Reserve Grand Championship trophy from any ABA Sanctioned competition from 2014 through to cut off for nominations which is 30 June 2017.

In the event that the 10 spots are over-subscribed, a ballot draw will be conducted no later than the 14th July 2017.

Any unallocated  Top 20 teams pre-qualified spots will be rolled into the GC & RGC status teams’ ballot draw.

At the Promoter and ABA discretion, 5 International teams will be Invited to compete against Australia’s best available 30 teams.

The competition will be governed by the 2017 ABA Rules.

75% of the Judges will be hand-selected by the ABA and preference will be given to Judges who have judged at multiple ABA Sanctioned barbecue competitions, with a minimum of three competitions experience.

25% of the Judges will be hand-selected by the Promoters who may include VIP’s, celebrity guests but all new Judges will be fully trained by the ABA as per usual requirements.

Judges nominations will not open until after the final competing team list has been confirmed which will most likely be in early August 2017. No Judges nominations or requests will be answered before this time. An announcement on the Judging nominations will occur around early August 2017 via the ABA Facebook Group.

Team nominations are Now Open for this event and any eligible team wishing to nominate for this event must provide the following information in an email to no later than 11.59pm 30 June 2017.

  • Full Team Name:
  • Team Captain Name:
  • Team Captain Phone:
  • Team Postal Address:
  • Full names of competing team members (total of 4 maximum):
  • Indicating pre-qualification or nomination status: i.e. Top 20 Team. GC or RGC Status Team. International Team.

NOTE: Team Nominations via text message or messenger will not be recognised or answered.

NOTE: Information Packs will be sent to nominating teams from 1st June 2017 which will include an Official Event Guide with all detailed information including entry fees, inclusions, exclusions, categories and prizes information.