Barbeques Galore National Barbecue Championships 2018

Honour Roll

2017 Barbeques Galore Grand Champions
Big Smoke BBQ (Vic)
2016 Barbeques Galore Grand Champions
Suck Knuckle Smokers (SA)

Barbeques Galore Leaderboard

Championship RankingChampionship PointsTeam Name
12967The Smoking Joint
22872Scotch and Smoke
32849Rollin Smoke BBQ
42783Aussie Pit Boys
Not ranked1996Big Smoke BBQ
Not ranked1988Natural Born Grillers
Not ranked1960Full Metal Kettle
Not ranked1949Triple C's BBQ
Not ranked1945Smoke & Steel
Not ranked1941Smokeface Grillahs
Not ranked1930Hoggy Style BBQ
Not ranked1928Sticky Pits BBQ
Not ranked1927Barbecue Mafia
Not ranked1922BADASSBBQ
Not ranked1919Southern Boys Barbecue
Not ranked1918Grillas In The Mist
Not ranked1902Jimmy Brisket
Not ranked1900Moist BBQ
Not ranked1893Aussie Big Boy BBQ
Not ranked1886Butchers Axe BBQ
Not ranked1885Liqard Pigs BBQ
Not ranked1850No Beard Required
Not ranked1840Doctor Cue
Not ranked1840Rub & Grub
Not ranked1837Pyrite BBQ
Not ranked1830Fire n Smoke
Not ranked1812Full Boar BBQ
Not ranked1811Stoke'n'Smoke BBQ
Not ranked1804Porkys Pit BBQ
Not ranked1803Max Diff Barbecue
Not ranked1791Master Baisters
Not ranked1787Firehouse BBQ
Not ranked1784Full Throttle Bar-B-Q
Not ranked1753Pit Crew BBQ
Not ranked1710Basting Bros BBQ
Not ranked1009The Beard and the BBQ
Not ranked1007Smokin Hot 'n' Saucy
Not ranked9733rd Degree Burns
Not ranked971Pit's Perfect
Not ranked968The Smoking Meathouse
Not ranked964Wizards of Q
Not ranked960Fastlane BBQ Crew
Not ranked956Smokin Hot Bros
Not ranked950The Smokin Misfits
Not ranked949Blue Dog BBQ
Not ranked948Pork Hunts BBQ
Not ranked947Smokin Sappers
Not ranked946Sounds On West
Not ranked946Smoking Coals Barbecue
Not ranked943Rusty Jacks
Not ranked941DubzbbQ
Not ranked940Highland Q
Not ranked940Agents of Cue
Not ranked940Eureka Smoke
Not ranked939Hectors Smokehouse
Not ranked938Grilling In The Name Of
Not ranked938Grilla Warfare
Not ranked938Mexikarnts
Not ranked937Manning Valley Natural Smokers
Not ranked937Turnspit Dogs BBQ
Not ranked936Hunter Hogz
Not ranked936BOYS LIGHT UP BBQ
Not ranked936The Ugly Drummers
Not ranked935Smokin' Sheilas
Not ranked935Grill Sergeant Barbecue
Not ranked935Comatosed BBQ
Not ranked932Big Don's Smoked Meats featuring Chamberinos
Not ranked929Drunk On Smoke
Not ranked929Smoking Hot Smartfires
Not ranked928DBQ
Not ranked928Super BBQ Bros.
Not ranked927With a P and Que
Not ranked927Texas Coleslaw Massacre
Not ranked924Lamb Shank Redemption
Not ranked920Low N Lazy BBQ
Not ranked920Beer-B-Q
Not ranked920Piggy
Not ranked920Flaming Coals BBQ Team
Not ranked920Burning Beard BBQ
Not ranked915Pits and Giggles
Not ranked915Wattlebank Park Farm
Not ranked915Creek Freak BBQ
Not ranked913Double Barrel BBQ
Not ranked911Big Dog Barbecue
Not ranked911Kraken BBQ
Not ranked910TexAus BBQ
Not ranked908Carnivore Kingdom
Not ranked907The Sheen Shangri La
Not ranked906Just Chillin
Not ranked906Black Pork Down
Not ranked906Ribbed For Your Pleasure
Not ranked905Firehouse Barbecue
Not ranked904Aussie Pit Girls
Not ranked904Smokin Steves BBQ
Not ranked903Dry Rub Thugs
Not ranked900Sandgroper BBQ
Not ranked900Wolfpit BBQ
Not ranked899Blood Sweat & Beers
Not ranked898Q'd up BBQ
Not ranked898Big Horse BBQ
Not ranked896Black Bark BBQ
Not ranked896The Smokin's Hot JAGRD Edge
Not ranked894Smokey BBQ Bandits
Not ranked894Weber Kettle Club
Not ranked894Appetite for Combustion
Not ranked892Moonshine BBQ
Not ranked891Burning Desire BBQ
Not ranked890Smoke On The Water
Not ranked890Perth BBQ School
Not ranked888Country Boys BBQ
Not ranked887Smoking Devils
Not ranked886Rib Racks BBQ
Not ranked886The Steak Holders
Not ranked885Bulldogs BBQ
Not ranked883Brissie Basters
Not ranked883Smokin Grillers
Not ranked882Inglorious Basters
Not ranked882Whats Smoking
Not ranked881Primal Iron
Not ranked881Darcy
Not ranked877Ribstars From Mars
Not ranked877Grill Murray All Stars
Not ranked875Smoke Hunters
Not ranked875The Charcoal Project
Not ranked875Molly's Moist Meats
Not ranked873Serial Grillers
Not ranked869Smoke Kings
Not ranked869Bama's BBQ
Not ranked868Mile High Porkers
Not ranked868Rack 'em up
Not ranked867Meat Down Under
Not ranked867All About Taste
Not ranked866Phat Meats BBQ
Not ranked864Bone Rubs N Harmony
Not ranked860Smokin 3.14
Not ranked856Just Smokin Around
Not ranked851Horns Up BBQ
Not ranked845Whats You Beef?
Not ranked842Porkzilla
Not ranked837OUTAGAS BBQ
Not ranked831The Midnight Smokers
Not ranked823BSA
Not ranked818Bato Brothers BBQ
Not ranked817Old Skool BBQ
Not ranked805Smoking Dugongs
Not ranked788El Guapo and Sons BBQ
Not ranked757Bring Nothin' BBQ

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