Smokin the Valley
Wingham Showgrounds, NSW
Sat 15th and Sun 16th October 2016


2Smokey Mary BBQ325
3Grillas in the Mist318
4Double Barrel317
5Country Boys BBQ�308
MEN on MEAT308
7The Beard and the BBQ307
8Rollin Smoke306
9Rub & Grub304
10Piggy Butt Brain303
11Shank Sistas302
12Qd up BBQ297
13Shank Brothers�296
Highland Q296
15Okay Smokers295
Aussie Pit Boys295
17The Smokin Joint294
TexAus BBQ294
19The Smokin Hot Bros292
20Comeatosed BBQ289
21Weber Kettle Club287
22Pitmasters Eating Tasty Animals - PETA285
23Doctor Cue281
24Scotch & Smoke279
25Wing'n it278
26Agents of Que271
27Flaming Mongrels266
28Matthew Mann264
29Pits Perfect263
In the Drum263
31Manning Valley Natural Smokers259
32Lamb Shank Redemption257
33Fletcher Potanin237

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