Kangaroo Valley Barbecue Competition
The Friendly Inn, Kangaroo Valley
19th & 20th November 2016


1Scotch and Smoke352
2Daves Texas BBQ322
3I'll Q with You319
4Shire Smokers315
5Smoking Hot Bros311
6Fired Up BBQ308
7Double Barrel BBQ305
8Highland Q302
9Aussie Pit Boys301
10Blue Dog BBQ298
Badass BBQ298
12Sandgroper BBQ297
Natural Born Grillers297
14Rollin Smoke BBQ296
15The Beard and the BBQ292
Piggy Butt Brain292
17Country Boys BBQ288
18Smoking Jokers282
19Agents of Cue270
Pits Perfect BBQ270
21Smoke Machine BBQ265

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