BBQ & Beer Roadshow
Brisbane, Qld
17th & 18th February 2017


1Sandgroper BBQ327
2Barbecue Mafia316
3Back to the Barbecue302
4Double Barrell BBQ295
Shank Brothers295
6The Smoking Hot Bros294
7Flamin' Mongrels292
8Brissie Basters290
9Crafted Q288
10Inglourious Basters286
11The Meat Sweats281
12Chillin & Grillin275
13Uncle Bills BBQ272
14Men with Meat 270
15Primal Iron BBQ269
16Grilling in the name of266
17Bovine Technicians265
18MY Q4U264
19Rollin Smoke BBQ263
20Bogan BBQ262
21Hocus Pocus BBQ255
22Manning Valley Natural Smokers254
Second Hand Smoke254
24Drunk on Smoke253
25Country Boys BBQ252
26Smokin' Sappers BBQ250
27Where There's Smoke There's Dinner245
50 Shades of Pork245
29Pit Boss Bob239

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