Crafted Live
Orange NSW
3rd & 4th March 2017


1Blue Dog BBQ318
2Drunk on Smoke
Texture total 108 > 106
3Scotch & Smoke 317
4Men with Meat 310
5Smoking Jokers 309
6Smoking Coals307
Pit's Perfect307
8Smokeface Grillaz305
9Dave's Texas BBQ304
10All Up In My Grill 299
11Q'd up BBQ297
Doctor Cue296
14Low N Lazy 294
15The Smoking Joint293
16Chow Down BBQ288
17Rollin Smoke BBQ286
18Highland Q 278
19Smokey BBQ Bandits 275
20Grillas in the mist273
21Grilling in the name of268
22Besmoke 256
Agents of Cue 256
The Sheen Shangri La256
25Techs Us BBQ255
26Fork 'N Pork BBQ253

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