Crafted Live
Wollongong NSW
15th & 16 April 2017

Grand Champion

PositionTeam Chefs Choice *ChickenPork Ribs Pork Lamb BeefTotal
1Smoking Jokers 2953053273023283151577
2Doctor Cue2783103342942813261545
3Sandgroper BBQ3113012962983133111519
4Grillas in the Mist2882933083143042971516
5Shire Smokers BBQ2523423252842692881508
Smokin' Hot 'n Saucy2872803243162892991508
8Rub & Grub 2783203282822792871496
9Laigh 'an Langsome02902892962863111472
10Scotch & Smoke 3382952662923322851470
Smoking Coals2712812663162913161470
12Because Brisket 2842952962623073051465
13Rollin Smoke BBQ3002762873102922931458
14Highland Q 2642813172973012591455
Smokey BBQ Bandits 3003072772643182891455
The Beard and The BBQ2892862613063023001455
17Low N Lazy 2692842912572953111438
18BAMA - Q3122633023042702931432
19Pit's Perfect2872553072942782951429
20Techs Us BBQ2922923142832882501427
21Chow Down BBQ3423172612802912541403
22Mueller Barbecue 3332582722692832981380
23Dave's Texas BBQ3262582632962782741369
24The Sheen Shangri La2742662493082792661368
25Flaming Coals02582962842542691361
26All The Gear No Idea BBQ2562742502382722481282

* This protein does not contribute towards the grand champion total.