Crafted Live
Wollongong NSW
15th & 16 April 2017

Chefs Choice

Note: This protein does not contribute towards the grand champion total.

1Chow Down BBQ342
2Scotch & Smoke 338
3Mueller Barbecue 333
4Dave's Texas BBQ326
5BAMA - Q312
6Sandgroper BBQ311
7Smokey BBQ Bandits 300
Rollin Smoke BBQ300
9Smoking Jokers 295
10Techs Us BBQ292
11The Beard and The BBQ289
12Grillas in the Mist288
13Pit's Perfect287
Smokin' Hot 'n Saucy287
15Because Brisket 284
16Doctor Cue278
Rub & Grub 278
18The Sheen Shangri La274
19Smoking Coals271
20Low N Lazy 269
21Highland Q 264
22All The Gear No Idea BBQ256
24Shire Smokers BBQ252

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