Crafted Live
Wollongong NSW
15th & 16 April 2017


1Shire Smokers BBQ342
2Rub & Grub 320
3Chow Down BBQ317
4Doctor Cue310
5Smokey BBQ Bandits 307
6Smoking Jokers 305
7Sandgroper BBQ301
8Because Brisket 295
Scotch & Smoke 295
11Grillas in the Mist293
12Techs Us BBQ292
13Laigh 'an Langsome290
14The Beard and The BBQ286
15Low N Lazy 284
16Highland Q 281
Smoking Coals281
18Smokin' Hot 'n Saucy280
19Rollin Smoke BBQ276
20All The Gear No Idea BBQ274
21The Sheen Shangri La266
22BAMA - Q263
23Mueller Barbecue 258
Dave's Texas BBQ258
Flaming Coals258
26Pit's Perfect255

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