Meatstock Sydney
Sydney Showground
6th & 7th May, 2017


1Doctor Cue345
2Bad Ass BBQ328
3Smoking Coals Barbecue326
4Because Brisket325
5Bush Kitchen322
6Back Deck BBQ320
7Smokey Mary BBQ313
8The Beard and the BBQ312
9Smoking Jokers311
10The Smokin' Misfits309
11Burn For Yew Barbecue305
12Manning Valley Natural Smokers303
Loaded BBQ303
14Pitmasters Eating Tasty Animals302
15Weber Kettle Club301
16Pit's perfect300
Hunter Hogz300
18Q'd up BBQ299
Rollin Smoke BBQ299
21In the drum292
22Moonshine BBQ291
23True blue q290
24Grillas in the Mist287
25Violent Smoko286
26Natural Born Grillers285
27Agents of Cue284
The Shank Brothers284
29Lamb Shank Redemption283
30Low n Lazy BBQ280
31Big Dog BBQ277
32Wild West BBQ276
33Scotch & Smoke274
34Shire Smokers272
TexAus BBQ272
36Billycart BBQ271
37Blue Dog BBQ270
Aussie Pit Boys270
39All About Taste269
40Where there's smoke there's fire's267
41Hoggy Style BBQ260
Brisky Business BBQ260
43Gryphon Smokehouse257
44Wing'n it255
45HDD BBQ251
46Trailer Bark Boys247
47Chow Down BBQ246
48The Pot Bellies242

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