Up In Smoke
Adelaide Showgrounds
Sat 29th and Sun 30th July 2017


1Hectors Smoke House350
2Big Smoke BBQ 342
3Triple C's BBQ
Texture total 112 > 108
4Sons Of Hickory323
6Secondhand Smoke BBQ315
7The Smoking Joint310
8Clean Heat's Barbhaircue309
9Smokin Grillers306
10Suck Knuckle Smokers299
11South Aussie Smoke n Grill 291
12Rub & Grub290
13The Pitbulls288
Butchers Axe BBQ288
15Blue Buddha BBQ286
16Belly Busters BBQ283
17Fire n Smoke282
18Texas Coleslaw Massacre 281
Grill Masters of the Universe281
20Gettin Piggy With It276
21Kiwi Smoke BBQ275
22Smokin Smittys BBQ269
23Porkys Pit BBQ267
24El Guapo and Sons BBQ263
25Smokeface Grillahs250
26The Smoking Devils231
27Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em227
28Pyrite BBQ226
29Southern Bark BBQ222

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