Bangalow BBQ & Bluegrass Festival
Bangalow, QLD
11th & 12th August 2017


1Rollin Smoke BBQ329
2Because Brisket
Taste total 156 > 153
3The Brissie Basters309
4Velvet Grubs305
5Country Boy's BBQ304
6Just Smokin Around298
Smoke Rings298
Smoking Jokers298
Inglourious Basters298
10Drunk on Smoke294
11Pit Crew BBQ293
Grillas in the Mist293
13Horns Up BBQ292
Burleigh BBQ292
15Smokin Hot Saucy289
Boys Light Up BBQ289
17Shank Sistas288
18The Smoke Kings285
19Manning Valley Naturally Smoke me Tender280
20Smoke Hunters278
21Stockmans BBQ275
22Justine's Birthday!274
Shank Brothers274
24Where There's Smoke There's Dinner271
25Meat Mafia270
26Flamin Mongrels269
50 Shades of Pork269
28Highland Q267
29Smoke & Bones Bar-b-que & JR's266
The Smoking Jackets266
Hog Pit Smokers266
Men with Meat266
33Sick Obsession BBQ265
34Pitmasters Eating Tasty Animals262
Bastie Boys262
36The Chain Smokers261
Serial Grillers261
38Smoke Machine256
Low N Lazy256
40Agents of Cue255
41Smoking Hot Confessions253
Pits & Giggles253
43Double Barrel BBQ252
44Up In Smokers251
Crafted Q251
Bushranger BBQ251
47Pit's Perfect240
48Uncle Bill's BBQ239
49Still Smokin235

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