Kilcoy BBQ and Beer Street Festival
Aston Park, Kilcoy
Fri 15th and Sat 16th July 2017

Grand Champion

PositionTeam LambPork RibsBeef RibsBrisketTotal
1Smoking Jokers3243372963031260
3Grilling in the name of3153102743141213
4Drunk on Smoke2903182932921193
5The Pit Crew BBQ2923132902971192
6Horns Up BBQ2892983022681157
7The Charcoal Project2743132882701145
8Pufff Puff Baste3082972602791144
9Just Smokin Around2922932702811136
10The Smoke Kings2902722862621110
11Smoke Machine 2432912972631094
12Baste Brothers 2652632942481070