Australian BBQ Wars
Port Macquarie
8th & 9th September 2017


Note: This protein does not contribute towards the grand champion total.

1Southern Boys Barbecue322
2Pork Hunts BBQ315
3Pitmasters Eating Tasty Animals
Taste total 156 > 153
4Country Boys BBQ300
5Street Meat Barbeque
Texture total 98 > 94
6Smoking Jokers295
Weber Kettle Club295
8Manning Valley Naturally292
Hunter Hogz292
10The Beard and The BBQ290
11Sticky Fingers288
123rd Degree Burns286
Low N Lazy BBQ286
Comeatosed BBQ286
15Where There's Smoke There's Dinner285
16Double Barrel BBQ284
17Wizards of Q280
18High Tiders279
Rum and Que279
20Scotch & Smoke278
Highland Q278
22Smoke and Mirrors277
Mile High Porkers277
24Grilling in the Name of276
2550 Shades of Pork275
26Ultimate BBQ274
27Aussie Pit Boys273
29Smokin' Misfits271
30Shank Sista BBQ270
32Boys Light Up BBQ268
Sounds On West Smokehouse268
Lakesland Smokehouse267
37Flaming Coals BBQ Team266
Brisky business bbq266
39Bulldogs BBQ Australia265
Black bear BBQ265
The Bogan Barbecue Company265
42Smoking Coals Barbecue264
43Smoking Hot Smartfires263
Rib'N and a Tearin263
45Agents of Cue262
Wild West BBQ262
Piggy Butt Brain262
The Smoking Hot Bros262
49Big boyz bbq261
50We're Smoking Something260
51Drunk on Smoke259
Smoke on the Water259
Back Deck BBQ259
Big Bark Hunter BBQ259
55Degrees of Smoke258
In The Drum258
57Pit's Perfect257
58Barbecue Mafia256
Doctor Cue256
60Camden Longhorns255
61Full Throttle BBQ254
62The Sheen Shangri La253
Hoggy Style BBQ253
64Witha P and Que252
65Primal Iron251
66May The Sauce Be With You249
67Techs US BBQ248
Moist BBQ248
Shire Smokers BBQ248
70Where's the Smoke there's Firies247
Big Dog Barbecue247
72The Inglorious Basters246
73Wiggly Tails BBQ245
74Guner CUE244
Blue Dog BBQ244
76Texaus BBQ242
77The Smoke Kings240
78Liqard Pigs238
Grillas in the Mist238
Flamin' Mongrels238
81Ya Mum's House235
Smokey BBQ Bandits235
83Lamb Shank Redemption234
Rollin Smoke BBQ234
85Smokeface grillahs232
86Smokers 'n Shine229
87All About Taste228
88Violent Smoko227

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