Smokin The Valley
Manning Valley, NSW
14th and 15th October 2017


1Rollin Smoke334
2Because Brisket332
3Fired Up BBQ320
4Meat Mistresses318
5Grillin in the name of316
6Lamb Shank Redemption311
7Doctor Cue309
8In the Drum308
Scotch & Smoke308
10Aussie Pit Boys307
11Highland Q305
Flamin Mongrels305
13Weber Kettle Club302
14Drunk on Smoke298
15Pits Perfect291
Stockpot Pit Crew290
18BBQ Inc286
19TexAus BBQ284
Smokers n Shine284
21Grillas in the Mist283
The Smoking Hot Bros283
23Boys Light Up BBQ274
24Comeatosed BBQ271
Double Barrel271
26Black Iron Smokers268
27Fork n pork263
28Country Boys BBQ�256

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