Smokin The Valley
Manning Valley, NSW
14th and 15th October 2017

Grain Brisket�

1Grillas in the Mist329
2Country Boys BBQ�328
3Boys Light Up BBQ324
4Black Iron Smokers321
5Fork n pork311
6Doctor Cue310
TexAus BBQ310
8Meat Mistresses307
9Rollin Smoke306
10Weber Kettle Club305
11Comeatosed BBQ302
12Flamin Mongrels300
13Double Barrel297
14Scotch & Smoke295
15Drunk on Smoke289
The Smoking Hot Bros289
17Highland Q285
18Because Brisket283
19Grillin in the name of277
20Stockpot Pit Crew276
21Lamb Shank Redemption273
22Pits Perfect271
23Smokers n Shine268
Aussie Pit Boys263
26Fired Up BBQ260
27In the Drum251
28BBQ Inc243

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