BBQ, Beef & Beer Festival
The Dam Hotel, Hamlyn Terrace
28th and 29th October 2017


1Doctor Cue331
2Smoking Jokers330
3Scotch & Smoke323
4Piggy Butt Brain313
5No Coals Barred310
6The Sheen Shangri La306
7Aussie Pit Boys305
8Weber Kettle Club300
9Pitmasters Eating Tasty Animals298
10Manning Valley Natural Smokers296
Rollin Smoke BBQ296
12Smokin' Hot N Saucy293
13Low N Lazy288
14Blue Dog BBQ284
15All About Taste282
The Beard and the BBQ282
17Cracker Jak BBQ281
18Techs Us280
Pits Perfect280
Smokin Misfits280
21Highland Q278
22Lambshank Redemption275
23Full Throttle Bar-B-Q272
24Wizards of Q264
25True Blue Q261
26Grillas in the Mist257
Flaming Coals BBQ Team257
28TexAus BBQ250

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