Craft and Beer BBQ Festival
Kangaroo Valley
18th and 19th November 2017


1Smoking Coals BBQ326
2Wild West BBQ318
3Blue Dog BBQ315
4Fastlane BBQ Team312
5The Smoking Joint311
6Meuller BBQ305
7Grillas in the Mist298
8Highland Q296
9Manning Valley Natural Smokers293
Oaks BBQ293
Scotch And Smoke293
12Smokey BBQ Bandits292
13Smoking Jokers290
Rib'n and a Tearin290
15Agents Of Cue285
16Wizards of Q283
Rollin Smoke BBQ281
19Loaded BBQ276
20Low n Lazy273
21Shire Smokers266
22Techs Us BBQ264
23Smoke Machine BBQ249

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