Australian Brewery Kingsford Invitational
Rouse Hill NSW
24th to 26th November 2017

Pork Ribs

1Smoking Jokers342
2Double Barrel BBQ
Taste total 168 > 162
3Country Boys BBQ332
4The Beard and the BBQ331
5Natural Born Grillers330
6Loot N Booty (USA)329
7Big Smoke BBQ328
8Grillas in the Mist326
9OctoPit Pro (NZ)322
10Smokeface Grillahs321
11Bush Kitchen (USA)319
12BadAss BBQ318
13Scotch & Smoke317
Smokin Hot 'N Saucy317
15The Smoking Joint312
16Barbecue Mafia308
17Manning Valley Natural Smokers306
18Rub & Grub305
19Weber Kettle Club304
20Piggy Butt Brain303
21Fastlane BBQ Crew301
22Hectors Smoke House300
23The Smoking Hot Bros299
24Shank Brothers BBQ297
25Doctor Cue295
26Rum and Que (NZ)292
Flamin Mongrels292
28TexAus BBQ288
29Suck Knuckle Smokers287
30Rollin Smoke BBQ285
31Grilla Bees276
32Aussie Pit Boys265

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