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A&E Melbourne Barbecue Wars
Melbourne Showgrounds
17th and 18th March 2018


1Jimmy Brisket337
2The smoking Meathouse336
3Full Metal Kettle335
4Natural Born Grillers331
5Smokeface Grillahs329
6Butchers Axe BBQ325
7Smoking Hot Smartfires323
8Stoke n Smoke BBQ team320
Smoking Coals Barbecue320
10Burning Beard BBQ319
11Bad Ass BBQ317
12Moist BBQ315
Full Throttle Bar-B-Q315
14Eureka Smoke314
153rd Degree Burns310
16Hectors Smokehouse309
17Aussie Big Boy BBQ306
18The Beard and the BBQ304
19Smoke & Steel302
Wattlebank Park Farm302
21Agents of Cue301
22Sticky Pits BBQ300
Scotch & Smoke300
24Master Baisters299
25The Steak Holders297
26Doctor Cue293
27Porkys Pit BBQ292
28Smokin Grillers290
29Appetite for Combustion287
Rub & Grub287
Firehouse Barbecue287
32Bama's BBQ285
33The Smoking Joint284
34Max Diff281
Super BBQ Bros.281
Ribstars From Mars281
37Bato Brothers BBQ280
No Beard Required280
39Whats Smoking277
40Black Pork Down276
41Rollin Smoke274
42Basting Bros BBQ269
43Southern Boys268
44Burning Desire BBQ267
45Bring Nothin' BBQ265
46Triple C's BBQ257
47Kraken BBQ252
48Fire n Smoke241
49El Guapo and Sons BBQ230

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