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Bundaberg BBQ Battle
Bundaberg Recreational Precinct
27th and 28th April 2018


1Drunk on Smoke332
2Smoke on the Water310
3Bastie Boys309
4BBQ Addiction308
5Double Barrel BBQ303
Grilling in the Name of303
7Mary Valley Smokers302
8Sick Obsession BBQ300
9Up in smoke BBQ299
1050 Shades of Pork297
Smoking Hot Bros297
12Shank Sistas296
MY Q 4 U296
14Where There's Smoke There's Dinner294
Barbecue Mafia294
16The Charcoal Project291
17Empire Strikes Back288
18Smoking Sappers287
19Manning Valley Natural Smokers286
TB2 BBQ Smokers286
Country Boys BBQ286
22Serial Grillers282
23Brissie Basters281
Smoking Codds BBQ281
25Bulldogs BBQ Australia279
26Flaming Mongrels276
27Artisan BBQ275
28Bears BBQ273
29Smoke Machine BBQ272
30Smoke Hunters BBQ264
31Horns up BBQ263
32Pits and Giggles262
33Smoke and Daggers252
4 Monkeys BBQ252
35Pitcrew BBQ241

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