Overall Results from Bangalow ABA Competition

1st – The Meat Sweats
2nd – Team Yoder
3rd – TexAus
4th – The Smoke Kings
5th – Bully BBQ
6th – Bayles’ BBQ
7th – Smokin Sounds
8th – Brew Boys BBQ
9th – The Meat Mafia
10th – Rhythms

Results – Categories

1st – The Meat Sweats
2nd – Team Yoder
3rd – Bayles’ BBQ

1st – TexAus
2nd – The Meat Sweats
3rd – Team Yoder

1st – TexAus
2nd – Bully BBQ
3rd – The Meat Sweats

1st – Team Yoder
2nd – The Meat Sweats
3rd – The Smoke Kings

Event Notes:
• Whatever TexAus BBQ did with the Pork, it was a huge hit with the judges. They won both Pork and Pork Ribs.
• Team Yoder’s score in beef was close to perfect. They scored an amazing 187/200.
• The Meat Sweats placed top 3 in all categories and won Chicken, proving Mitch and the team are an unstoppable force right now.
• There was only 2 points between 3rd and 4th Place in Pork. The Smoke Kings only just missed out on a place.