The good folks from recently sent me a sample pack of the new Bone Doctors’ Barbeque Sauce range which included the Carolina Bold, Sweet & Spicy, Original and Brazen Heat packaged in very stylish hip-flask-style 6.8oz bottles.

The textures and full-bodied flavours of this select range I must say is something special.

In testing each of the sauces, I prepared a range of dishes covering meats, chicken and also salads predominantly to test the versatility of the products.

The Carolina Bold for mine had the most unique appeal with it’s apple cider vinegar base which is delicately blended with spices, sugar, kosher salt, paprika, chilli powder, garlic and onion.

I know salad is somewhat of a dirty word but seriously, who doesn’t love a good Banh mi to go with their pulled pork grilled chicken?

Instead of reaching for the rice wine vinegar and getting all caught up in trying to mix up my own drizzle for the Banh mi salad, I opted for the Carolina Bold. It practically has all the flavour and ingredients but without all of the science and hard work.

The Sweet & Spicy barbecue sauce that I drizzled over a fresh plate of pork spare ribs that I had slow-cooked covered in the Bone Doctors’ Premium Spice Blend was simply a flavour sensation. The ribs were crisp and juicy and the cranberry, molasses and peach flavours contained in the Sweet & Spicy sauce were enjoyably prominent.
On Sunday morning’s I usually poach up some eggs and fried bacon for my home-made version of eggs benedict. Upon seeing the delivery of Bone Doctors’ sauces lined up on the kitchen bench, I decided to ditch my normal recipe in favour of a little experiment.

In the interests of giving myself a real heart-start first thing in the morning, I substituted my usual garlic aoli for the Brazen Heat hot barbecue sauce. Lordy, give me some milk! What a kick.

The heat sure was brazen and I certainly knew I was alive.

The Brazen Heat hot barbecue sauce heated up my whole mouth and throat in a most uniform and balanced way. It didn’t just provide a short burn to the tongue upon entry like some chilli sauces. There was some great depth to the flavour and happy to report, minimal after affects which was surprising given that this one contains traces of horseradish, cayenne, habanero and de arbol peppers.

I know some folks are purists when it comes to pulled pork and prefer to limit the extra saucing of such but the Bone Doctors’ Original barbecue sauce was great as a mix-through to give the pork some extra depth of flavour after a day in the fridge.

The ketchup, worcestershire and mustard shone through in the Original barbecue sauce and I could certainly recommend it as an all-purpose sauce for most beef or pork dishes that take your fancy.

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USA Foods provided this product for review

Reviewed by Adam Roberts, Co-Founder ABA.
August 2014