Hot’n’Fast – smoked brisket in six hours?

Meat Mitch
Meat Mitch
Kansas City based Mitch Benjamin is the man behind the Meat Mitch award winning competition barbecue team and sauce brand. Team Meat Mitch has taken out Grand Reserve Champion and First Place Ribs in the 2010 Wild Blue Kansas state championship, and competed multiple times at the American Royal. Meat Mitch sauce has won at both the Memphis in May’s BBQ Sauce contest and the world’s largest, American Royal World Series of Barbecue, and is also the sauce of choice for many professional competition barbecue teams. After winning both First and Second place at the “Gettin’ Sauced” Barbecue Sauce Competition and Festival in Austin, TX, Taste of the South Magazine declared Meat Mitch’s BBQ sauce the People’s Choice winner for 2012. Mitch is often found cooking for the Kansas City Royals baseball team who can’t get enough of his winning ‘cue!

Do you like hot and fast? On the Las Vegas Strip, YES, but how about in my barbecue pit…MAYBE! An in-vogue method of cooking beef brisket on the barbecue circuit is Hot and Fast – higher temperatures over a shorter period of time.

We are talking about beef brisket, a very tough cut found on the chest of the animal, between and behind the front legs (the Foreshank – I am an avid golfer so it scares me to even write a word spelled like that). Traditionalists like myself, will tell you to cook it low and slow to break down the collagen and produce a tender, moist piece of meat. This technique fires at 225 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour to an hour and a half per pound. For a desired 15lb [7kg] whole packer brisket, this time comes in just under the average gestational period for an African Tree frog. I admit, during competitions it is a skill to tend your fire overnight with the right mix of beer to smoke ratio without eventually passing out cold. That being said, Hot and Fast piqued my interest. So I did it.

Beef Brisket

I prepared my brisket like I always do, cutting away the bad fat and keeping the good. I rubbed it down with my Meat Mitch Whomp! Rub. Once I was finished, I placed it gently, fat side down in my new Bar-Be-Cube from American Barbecue Systems in Olathe, KS. This is an alternative to the popular UDS – Ugly Drum Smoker.


The Bar-Be-Cube is the Lamborghini Gallardo of Hot and Fast smokers. I went 350 degrees with full smoke (I used pecan) for about three hours. I chose fat side down in an effort to protect it a little bit from the heat. After three hours the internal temperature was hovering at 160 degrees. I wrapped in foil and placed it back in the cube for about two and half to three more hours until I reached an internal temperature of 205 degrees. I removed it from my cube, opened it up to vent for a little and then into my cambro (food storage container) for another hour to rest. It’s important to cook to internal temperature and not based on time of the cook. Often you will experience “the plateau” where it will sit at 170 degrees for what seems like forever and then it will jump up in temperature. It’s very important to check temp, but not too often, cuz if you’re lookin’ then you ain’t cookin’!

Meat Mitch Brisket

So at the end of the day, I managed to churn out a beautiful 15lb [7kg] brisket (complete with crispy, melty Kansas City burnt ends from the point) in around five and a half to six hour.


Are you spongin’ what I am spillin’?!! You know what that means….SLEEP!



For more info on Mitch, visit or say hello to him on Twitter. Meat Mitch sauce & rub is available in Australia exclusively through USAFoods.




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