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Our resident expert reviewer Michael Rose explores his sweet side with Blend Smoked Honey. For a list of blend stockists, click here



‘Blend smoked honey’ is a small batch project by Kris Sweres (who also happens to be one fourth of the Shank Brothers BBQ Team). He sources raw local honey and blends it with other artisan ingredients before cold smoking it over Australian hardwoods. The result is a very deep red, sticky, strong flavoured honey with a mild but ever present smokey aftertaste which matches well with both sweet and savoury recipes. And because the honey isn’t pasteurised (ie: heated and treated), all the natural vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants are maintained, which makes it a great alternative to sugar.

pork chopI was lucky to score a pot of this stuff up at BBQ Wars in Port Macquarie (I hunted Kris down ’cause I was desperate to try it!) and from the moment I opened the jar and took a smell, I was immediately green with envy! I wished I had come up with this idea first and I have been kicking myself ever since! Trust me, once you try it you will feel the same way!


Once I got it home for the first week or so I think I went through half a pot just scooping out a teaspoon a couple of times a day but since then I’ve gone nuts with my recipes – adding it to anything and everything and you should do the same! The real beauty of this honey not just the smoke, but it also has a really unusual and delicate mix of spices which makes it a completely unique condiment – there’s really nothing else like it.

Here are some of the MANY ways you should use this honey:

Often it’s a simple recipe that can be the most effective. I like using it in this salad dressing, with makes it a perfect complement to meat dishes, because it remains fresh but with the smokey finish.


Blend Smoked Honey and lemon salad dressing

5 Tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
The juice of half a small lemon
1 table spoon of Blend Smoked Honey
Salt and pepper
Whisk everything together to emulsify and use to dress your preferred greens.


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