Product Review – ‘Garden Fires’

Michael Rose
Michael Rose – Pitmaster for team Badass BBQ.
Leda Australasia are importers of high quality cast iron ‘Garden Fires’ (Fire pits used for heating and/or lighting outdoors) designed and made in Germany. There are two garden fires in the range – The ‘FEUERBOX’ (Fire box) and the ‘FEUERTURM’ (Fire tower)

When I was first approached to review these garden fires I was a little worried that I wouldn’t have enough to say about them in order to justify a whole ‘review’. The only previous experience I’ve had with a “garden fire” was at a party in a friend’s backyard where we lobbed firewood into an old rusty oil barrel before having to extinguish it soon after with a hose when the police became sick of the noise complaints. Not only that, I couldn’t see why a BBQ community would want to read about something that a) wasn’t a BBQ and b) wasn’t BBQ food

Well as it turns out (and much to my delight and hopefully yours) the Feurbox model actually doubles as a charcoal BBQ grill. The unit comes with 2 floor panels that sit inside the box. This is used to hold the wood or charcoal at 1 of 2 elevations depending on what you are using it for. The lower setting allows logs of wood to sit deeper inside the box which makes it the better (and safer) elevation if you plan on using the unit as a firebox. On the middle setting the panels sit closer to the top of the box which makes it the perfect level for charcoal and thus BBQ Grilling!

The Feuerbox also comes with two food grade cast iron grill panels that can be placed right on top of the unit and above the charcoals. This gives you a hot plate the entire length of the fire box, if that’s what you want. Alternatively you can do away with the hot plates all together like I did and use the sides of the box to hold up long skewers of meat OR you can keep one hot plate on for your burgers, vegies, sausages etc or to toast some pita for your souvlaki – which is a really cool option. If you wanted to, you could even have the floor panels back down to the lower setting, creating more distance between the coals and the top of the unit. This would allow you to use larger cuts of meat that benefit from the lower temps and longer cooking times.
See my pictures of Tavuk Sis (Turkish chicken kebabs), Kafta and souvlaki

As for the Feurturm model, well unfortunately it does not double as a BBQ, but what it lacks in cooking ability it makes up for in ease of use and aesthetics. And when I say “ease of use” I mean it’s surprisingly easy to get a raging fire in the unit in less than five minutes. This is because of the unique integrated ash box and lighting system. All you need to do is to place two firelighters into the little slots, insert the ash box into the unit, throw in some kindling and away you go. Once the fire is established throw in your logs and you have a beautiful column of fire that provides plenty of warmth and light. And once it is up and running the unit looks fantastic and having one of these flickering away in your backyard would really impress your friends when entertaining outside. It would also keep you warm on them early morning brisket cooks in wintertime!




Overall I was surprisingly impressed with these units. Both of them are made to the type of quality you would expect from the Germans. They each weigh close to 40 kg’s each and are coated in a high heat enamel; so while they are a little on the pricey side you can be confident they will last you a lifetime. And while we are all spending an ever increasing amount of time cooking outdoors, why not have one of these to keep you and your friends warm?

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