Product Review – BBQ Spit Rotisseries

It was a pleasure to road-test the Flaming Coals Cyprus Spit supplied courtesy of ABA Supporting Partners, BBQ Spit Rotisseries, in front of 30 barbecue enthusiasts gathered for the 2015 ABA Christmas Meat Up at Peak Coffee Roastery in Port Macquarie.

A week or so earlier, the 40kg box arrived by courier within days of despatch and unlike some flat packed products, the Cyprus Spit only took an easy two beers to set up. The instruction manual was helpful but the unit itself is simple in construction and with very few parts to overly complicate the assembly.

Looking at the grill spit, it comes with two separate 240v motors with one of those allowing the use of 12v alligator clips if using a battery in case of no available plug in power. Each of the motors runs a different rack of skewers with the top rack simultaneously rotating 3 longer skewers and the bottom rack simultaneously rotating 12 smaller kebab style skewers.

IMG_1037With this unit, there’s simply no need to keep rotating skewers manually as it’s fully automated which makes it so easy to set and forget.

The top skewers come standard with some very useful accessories including stainless steel gyro disks for clamping the roast in place nice and tight as well as roasting prongs. My personal favourite accessory is the wire basket which is suitable for butterflied chicken, lamb or any other flat or multi-piece cook-ups.


One of the best features is the adjustable height lever system that allows very easy height adjustment of the top 3 skewers. The system has a couple of polished wooden handles and an adjustable screw to hold the skewers in place which allows you to hold the meat as close or as far away from the coals as you desire but within the adjustment parameters.

At the initial Meat Up road-test, a combination of cuts and stages of cooking were tested including a mint & rosemary butterflied lamb leg and a roll of pork which produced an awesome crackling using the top skewers. The second stage grilling of some spicy mesquite chicken wings that had been smoked in another unit was a hit with the crew on the day as was the gourmet burger patties grilled on the spit griller plate.



Testing the unit on another 4 occasions in the following weeks, all of the functions of the unit were tested including roasting a shoulder of lamb on the top skewers, butterflied Moroccan chicken in the rotating basket and grilling hamburger patties, lamb ribs and finishing off some smoked hot links. All were a success and quite fun to watch.



Transporting the unit between venues was incredibly easy as the legs are held in place by only a couple of wing-nuts which made their removal and attachment very quick. No need to get the ute out or lay the back seats down in the sedan as this unit fits nicely in the boot once the legs are removed.

Other notable features of the unit include the well constructed 3mm thick fire box which is a sinch to clean and the storage rack underneath the fire box for your tongs or other accessories is a useful addition.

The good folks at BBQ Spit Rotisseries also sent up the Electric Charcoal Starter Wand which was simply awesome. With both heating and blower function, lighting the briquettes was so quick and easy and is one of the best I’ve seen on the current market for the price.


Overall, a very tidy spit unit, well worth the modest investment and is a great accompaniment to any type of smoker or barbecue you’ve already got going on.

With a pretty decent range of spit rotisseries of all sizes and other essential accessories, it’s worth checking these out at