Round 3

2016 Barbecues Galore Australian Barbecue Championships – Results

Meatstock – A&E Sydney Barbecue Wars
Sydney Olympic Park
13th & 14th February 2016

48 Teams Competing in the Biggest Barbecue Competition Australia has ever seen.

Special thanks to Promoters Jay Beaumont and Simon Luke for allowing the ABA to Sanction such an awesome event and also for bringing the ‘Professor’ Tuffy Stone to Australia to share his incredible knowledge with our competing teams.

ABA Co-Founder Jess Pryles wowed audiences across the weekend and was awesome behind the microphone and on the big stage and it was so good to have ‘our girl Jess’ home for such a great event.


Overall – Results

PositionTeamSeafoodChickenLambPork RibsPorkBeefTotal 
1Bush Kitchen2892653062882973261771
2Bad Ass BBQ2732872882933023161759
3Shank Bros2733112923122683001756
4BLVD Restaurant BBQ2842943053032812691736
5Bully BBQ2752713053062992651721
6Burn for Yew2943022853132442741712
7Scotch & Smoke2642932992872852831711
8The Smoking Hot Bros2332852912992733211702
9smokin on the beach2722632613032783141691
10Natural Born Grillers2932572912952752761687
11The Beard and the BBQ2742943002662752771686
12Sugarfire Smokehouse2462852832922782881672
13TexAus BBQ2982462722962932651670
14The Smoking Joint2902612842672802871669
15Sandgroper BBQ2682832942792772651666
16Barbecue Mafia2832892692782782651662
17Hops & Fire Heads2492722852732772781634
18Blue Dog BBQ2702752602582692971629
19Black Iron Smokers2542722572992712681621
20Southern Boys Barbecue2403112842802522481615
21All Up In My Grill2643053022732412281613
22Flamin Mongrels2552532622842532961603
23Loaded BBQ2702262902642702701590
24Weber Kettle Club2542902612722692431589
25The Smoking Jackets2602842622492612721588
26All About Taste – Rare Breeds2392723072772592301584
27Rollin Smoke BBQ2612922682632312661581
28Grassfed Smokers2532522362692662941570
29Violent Smoko2432522272832842631552
30Big Dog Barbecue2772192582912542521551
31Six String Brewers2782612342372532641527
32Billycart BBQ2392222682522502791510
33Uncle Bills Big Dog BBQ2492632562662412261501
34Trailer Bark Boys2542522552052792181463
35Chow Down BBQ2302262402712422421451
36Ziggy Smoke Dust and the Gorrillaz from Mars2872252532252362171443
37Lamb Shank Redemption2542112062482492511419
38Hectors Smoke House2762882752952841418
39Fudamentally A.M.E2582422391852212231368
40What A Pitty2502562922652631326
41Team Horizon3022512402572601310
42Love Me Tandoor2251222502242632201304
43Bro’s & Cros BBQ2422372382362611214
44Silence of the Lambs2652662742471052
46Poke It & Smoke It270236199245950
47Dave’s Texas BBQ264249238751
48Smoking Bad262239226727


Beef – Results



1Bush Kitchen326
2The Smoking Hot Bros321
3Bad Ass BBQ316
4smokin on the beach314
5Shank Bros300
6Blue Dog BBQ297
7Flamin Mongrels296
8Grassfed Smokers294
9Sugarfire Smokehouse288
10The Smoking Joint287
11Hectors Smoke House284
12Scotch & Smoke283
13Billycart BBQ279
14Hops & Fire Heads278
15The Beard and the BBQ277
16Natural Born Grillers276
17Burn for Yew274
18The Smoking Jackets272
19Loaded BBQ270
20BLVD Restaurant BBQ269
21Black Iron Smokers268
22Rollin Smoke BBQ266
23Bully BBQ265
=23Sandgroper BBQ265
=23Barbecue Mafia265
=23TexAus BBQ265
27Six String Brewers264
28What A Pitty263
=28Violent Smoko263
30Bro’s & Cros BBQ261
31Team Horizon260
=32Big Dog Barbecue252
34Lamb Shank Redemption251
35Southern Boys Barbecue248
36Silence of the Lambs247
37Weber Kettle Club243
38Chow Down BBQ242
39Dave’s Texas BBQ238
40All About Taste – Rare Breeds230
41All Up In My Grill228
42Smoking Bad226
=42Uncle Bills Big Dog BBQ226
44Fudamentally A.M.E223
45Love Me Tandoor220
46Trailer Bark Boys218
47Ziggy Smoke Dust and the Gorrillaz from Mars217
48Poke It & Smoke It0


Chicken – Results

1Southern Boys Barbecue311
2*Shank Bros311
3All Up In My Grill305
4Burn for Yew302
5The Beard and the BBQ294
=5BLVD Restaurant BBQ294
7Scotch & Smoke293
8Rollin Smoke BBQ292
9Weber Kettle Club290
10Barbecue Mafia289
11Bad Ass BBQ287
12Sugarfire Smokehouse285
=12The Smoking Hot Bros285
14The Smoking Jackets284
15Sandgroper BBQ283
16Blue Dog BBQ275
17All About Taste – Rare Breeds272
=17Black Iron Smokers272
=17Hops & Fire Heads272
20Bully BBQ271
21Bush Kitchen265
=21Silence of the Lambs265
23Dave’s Texas BBQ264
24Uncle Bills Big Dog BBQ263
=24smokin on the beach263
26Six String Brewers261
=26The Smoking Joint261
28Natural Born Grillers257
29What A Pitty256
30Flamin Mongrels253
31Grassfed Smokers252
=31Trailer Bark Boys252
=31Violent Smoko252
34TexAus BBQ246
35Fudamentally A.M.E242
36Smoking Bad239
37Bro’s & Cros BBQ237
38Poke It & Smoke It236
40Loaded BBQ226
=40Chow Down BBQ226
42Ziggy Smoke Dust and the Gorrillaz from Mars225
43Billycart BBQ222
44Big Dog Barbecue219
45Lamb Shank Redemption211
46Love Me Tandoor122
47Team Horizon0
48Hectors Smoke House0

* By tie breaker based on highest aggregate Taste score.


Lamb – Results

1All About Taste – Rare Breeds307
2Bush Kitchen306
3BLVD Restaurant BBQ305
4*Bully BBQ305
5All Up In My Grill302
6The Beard and the BBQ300
7Scotch & Smoke299
8Sandgroper BBQ294
9Shank Bros292
10Natural Born Grillers291
=10The Smoking Hot Bros291
12Loaded BBQ290
13Hectors Smoke House288
=13Bad Ass BBQ288
15Burn for Yew285
=15Hops & Fire Heads285
17Southern Boys Barbecue284
=17The Smoking Joint284
19Sugarfire Smokehouse283
20TexAus BBQ272
21Barbecue Mafia269
22Rollin Smoke BBQ268
=22Billycart BBQ268
24Silence of the Lambs266
25Flamin Mongrels262
=25The Smoking Jackets262
27smokin on the beach261
=27Weber Kettle Club261
29Blue Dog BBQ260
30Big Dog Barbecue258
31Black Iron Smokers257
32Uncle Bills Big Dog BBQ256
33Trailer Bark Boys255
34Ziggy Smoke Dust and the Gorrillaz from Mars253
35Team Horizon251
36Love Me Tandoor250
37Chow Down BBQ240
38Fudamentally A.M.E239
39Bro’s & Cros BBQ238
40Grassfed Smokers236
41Six String Brewers234
42Violent Smoko227
43Lamb Shank Redemption206
44Poke It & Smoke It199
45Dave’s Texas BBQ0
47What A Pitty0
48Smoking Bad0

* By tie breaker on aggregate Texture score, because still tied on aggregate Taste.


Pork Ribs – Results

1Burn for Yew313
2Shank Bros312
3Bully BBQ306
4smokin on the beach303
=4BLVD Restaurant BBQ303
6The Smoking Hot Bros299
=6Black Iron Smokers299
8TexAus BBQ296
9Natural Born Grillers295
10Bad Ass BBQ293
11What A Pitty292
=11Sugarfire Smokehouse292
13Big Dog Barbecue291
14Bush Kitchen288
15Scotch & Smoke287
16Flamin Mongrels284
17Violent Smoko283
19Southern Boys Barbecue280
20Sandgroper BBQ279
21Barbecue Mafia278
22All About Taste – Rare Breeds277
23Hectors Smoke House275
24Silence of the Lambs274
25All Up In My Grill273
=25Hops & Fire Heads273
27Weber Kettle Club272
28Chow Down BBQ271
29Grassfed Smokers269
30The Smoking Joint267
31Uncle Bills Big Dog BBQ266
=31The Beard and the BBQ266
33Loaded BBQ264
34Rollin Smoke BBQ263
35Blue Dog BBQ258
36Billycart BBQ252
37The Smoking Jackets249
38Lamb Shank Redemption248
39Poke It & Smoke It245
40Team Horizon240
41Six String Brewers237
42Bro’s & Cros BBQ236
43Ziggy Smoke Dust and the Gorrillaz from Mars225
44Love Me Tandoor224
45Trailer Bark Boys205
46Fudamentally A.M.E185
47Dave’s Texas BBQ0
48Smoking Bad0


Pork – Results

1Bad Ass BBQ302
2Bully BBQ299
3Bush Kitchen297
4Hectors Smoke House295
5TexAus BBQ293
6Scotch & Smoke285
7Violent Smoko284
8BLVD Restaurant BBQ281
9The Smoking Joint280
10Trailer Bark Boys279
11Barbecue Mafia278
=11smokin on the beach278
=11Sugarfire Smokehouse278
14Hops & Fire Heads277
=14Sandgroper BBQ277
16The Beard and the BBQ275
=16Natural Born Grillers275
18The Smoking Hot Bros273
19Black Iron Smokers271
20Loaded BBQ270
21Weber Kettle Club269
=21Blue Dog BBQ269
23Shank Bros268
24Grassfed Smokers266
25What A Pitty265
26Love Me Tandoor263
27The Smoking Jackets261
28All About Taste – Rare Breeds259
29Team Horizon257
30Big Dog Barbecue254
31Six String Brewers253
=31Flamin Mongrels253
33Southern Boys Barbecue252
34Billycart BBQ250
35Lamb Shank Redemption249
=35Dave’s Texas BBQ249
38Burn for Yew244
39Chow Down BBQ242
40Uncle Bills Big Dog BBQ241
=40All Up In My Grill241
42Ziggy Smoke Dust and the Gorrillaz from Mars236
43Rollin Smoke BBQ231
44Fudamentally A.M.E221
45Silence of the Lambs0
46Bro’s & Cros BBQ0
47Smoking Bad0
48Poke It & Smoke It0


Seafood – Results

1Team Horizon302
2TexAus BBQ298
3Burn for Yew294
4Natural Born Grillers293
5The Smoking Joint290
6Bush Kitchen289
7Ziggy Smoke Dust and the Gorrillaz from Mars287
8BLVD Restaurant BBQ284
9Barbecue Mafia283
10Six String Brewers278
11Big Dog Barbecue277
12Hectors Smoke House276
13Bully BBQ275
14The Beard and the BBQ274
15Shank Bros273
=15Bad Ass BBQ273
17smokin on the beach272
18Poke It & Smoke It270
=18Blue Dog BBQ270
=18Loaded BBQ270
21Sandgroper BBQ268
22All Up In My Grill264
=22Scotch & Smoke264
24Smoking Bad262
25Rollin Smoke BBQ261
26The Smoking Jackets260
27Fudamentally A.M.E258
28Flamin Mongrels255
29Trailer Bark Boys254
=29Weber Kettle Club254
=29Black Iron Smokers254
=29Lamb Shank Redemption254
33Grassfed Smokers253
34What A Pitty250
35Uncle Bills Big Dog BBQ249
=35Hops & Fire Heads249
37Sugarfire Smokehouse246
38Violent Smoko243
39Bro’s & Cros BBQ242
40Southern Boys Barbecue240
41All About Taste – Rare Breeds239
=41Billycart BBQ239
43The Smoking Hot Bros233
44Chow Down BBQ230
45Love Me Tandoor225
46Dave’s Texas BBQ0
47Silence of the Lambs0