The Vic’s Meat Market Australian Barbecue Wars was officially Round 6 of the 2016 Barbeques Galore Australian Barbecue Championships.

84 teams battled it out for prestige and national honours in the biggest ever Australian Barbecue competition field.

Well done to the Blues & BBQ Festival Promoters Jay Beaumont & Simon Luke on another awesome event.

Congrats to Grand Champions Double Barrel BBQ for an epic win and The Meat Sweats for an ultra-consistent performance with two wins and a second place from three attempts at this location.


 Grand Champion

PositionTeamChickenPorkLambBeefPork RibsTotal
1Double Barrel BBQ2643112993032951472
2The Meat Sweats2973082893082571459
3The Beard and the BBQ2812672633392831433
4The Smoking Hot Bro’s2352753223402481420
5Kiss My Brisket2622792582993041402
6Barbecue Mafia
Taste total 702 > 693
7Smokin Sounds2642912862752811397
8Bad Ass BBQ2722892972642661388
9The Brissie Basters3022762732822431376
10Rollin Smoke BBQ2572512532913231375
11The Shank Bros
Taste total 687 > 669
12Burn for Yew2622862772762721373
13XS BBQ2542882662682961372
14The Inglorious Basters2822572582832881368
15Hops & Fire Heads2402692972752861367
16Agents of Cue2702593062562751366
17The Meating Place2802682692672791363
18Smokeface Grillahs2452542892722941354
19We’re Smoking Something2712532563042691353
20Where There’s Smoke There’s Dinner2692732862492731350
21Sipped smokers2802592742452861344
23Sons Of Hickory2562832722482791338
24Southern Boys Barbecue2502862822762401334
25Smokin Aces2262772912442911329
26Weber kettle club2462692512922701328
27Techs Us BBq2613182922242311326
28BLVD Restaurant BBQ2252552712852871323
29Pitmaker Australia2842262892812421322
30Yoder Smokers2822632242682811318
31The Shank Sistas2812692562742371317
32Mile High Porkers2562772632542601310
33Big Dog BBQ2762762832582151308
Men of meat smokehouse2692592502502801308
Grillas in the Mist2792642642452561308
36Back Deck BBQ2702452532832561307
37I’ll Cue With You2532472622652771304
38Scotch & Smoke2572252402752971294
39Aussie Pitmasters2682552372662671293
40Blue Dog BBQ2632472282682841290
41Smokin Hot n’ Saucy2422452492922601288
42Benzine Barbecue2512492392692791287
43Smoke on the Water2522483002322541286
44The Social Smokers2632092922662541284
45Country Boys BBQ2642592472362741280
46Limp Brisket2572962572352311276
4750 Shades Of Pork2242412912902281274
48Mind if I smoke?2082422882722631273
Lamb Shank Redemption2722382522802311273
50The Smoking Jackets2552712442262711267
51The Smoke Kings2682432782032711263
Horns Up BBQ2442552592592461263
The Smoking Barrels BBQ2672752222642351263
54Manning Valley Naturally2072562812472651256
55The Fluke & Bruce2112952512372471241
56The Steak Holders2532572042792431236
57Bulldogs BBQ Australia2852432522102451235
58Black Iron Smokers2442852132382531233
59Laigh an’ Langsome2632312362892091228
60Beers Boys BBQ2142442292532831223
61Team Horizon2392692012622491220
May the Sauce be with you2542542382212531220
63Digs BBQ2262102452752591215
64All About Taste – Rare Breeds2282432352662411213
65Pitmasters Eating Tasty Animals2112772352812031207
66Smoke and Mirrors2612202542342321201
67Smoking Gun BBQ2412262512522261196
68Smokey BBQ Bandits2582302082342631193
69BBQ Medic2382052402622351180
70Liqard pigs2382202382392431178
71ultimate bbq2472432312641921177
72The Casual Smokers2432442691932221171
73Violent Smoko2592352091962651164
74Drunk on Smoke2592742241712281156
75Degrees Of Smoke2372412402042331155
76Grilln’ Like a Villain2301852412682301154
77The 77301 Texas Barbeque Co.2182722312082181147
78Southern Blend BBQ2651872462162141128
79Tony Danza’s Meat Bonanza263275742502271089
80Hot Beef Injections1972042562082231088
81Motley Bar-B-Crue0219252185237893
82Smoke Machine02642332830780
83Wild Boar BBQ249000254503


1Barbecue Mafia308
2The Brissie Basters302
3The Meat Sweats297
4The Shank Bros294
5Bulldogs BBQ Australia285
6Pitmaker Australia284
7Yoder Smokers282
The Inglorious Basters282
9The Beard and the BBQ281
The Shank Sistas281
11The Meating Place280
Sipped smokers280
13Grillas in the Mist279
14Big Dog BBQ276
15Lamb Shank Redemption272
Bad Ass BBQ272
17We’re Smoking Something271
18Agents of Cue270
Back Deck BBQ270
20Where There’s Smoke There’s Dinner269
Men of meat smokehouse269
22The Smoke Kings268
Aussie Pitmasters268
24The Smoking Barrels BBQ267
25Southern Blend BBQ265
26Country Boys BBQ264
Double Barrel BBQ264
Smokin Sounds264
29Tony Danza’s Meat Bonanza263
Blue Dog BBQ263
Laigh an’ Langsome263
The Social Smokers263
33Kiss My Brisket262
Burn for Yew262
35Smoke and Mirrors261
Techs Us BBq261
37Drunk on Smoke259
Violent Smoko259
Smokey BBQ Bandits258
41Limp Brisket257
Rollin Smoke BBQ257
Scotch & Smoke257
44Sons Of Hickory256
Mile High Porkers256
46The Smoking Jackets255
47XS BBQ254
May the Sauce be with you254
49The Steak Holders253
I’ll Cue With You253
51Smoke on the Water252
52Benzine Barbecue251
53Southern Boys Barbecue250
54Wild Boar BBQ249
55ultimate bbq247
56Weber kettle club246
57Smokeface Grillahs245
58Black Iron Smokers244
Horns Up BBQ244
60The Casual Smokers243
61Smokin Hot n’ Saucy242
62Smoking Gun BBQ241
63Hops & Fire Heads240
64Team Horizon239
65BBQ Medic238
Liqard pigs238
67Degrees Of Smoke237
68The Smoking Hot Bro’s235
69Grilln’ Like a Villain230
70All About Taste – Rare Breeds228
71Smokin Aces226
Digs BBQ226
73BLVD Restaurant BBQ225
7450 Shades Of Pork224
75The 77301 Texas Barbeque Co.218
76Beers Boys BBQ214
77Pitmasters Eating Tasty Animals211
The Fluke & Bruce211
79Mind if I smoke?208
80Manning Valley Naturally207
81Hot Beef Injections197


1Techs Us BBq318
2Double Barrel BBQ311
3The Meat Sweats308
4Limp Brisket296
5The Fluke & Bruce295
6Smokin Sounds291
7Bad Ass BBQ289
8XS BBQ288
9Burn for Yew286
Southern Boys Barbecue286
11Black Iron Smokers285
12Sons Of Hickory283
14Kiss My Brisket279
15Smokin Aces277
Pitmasters Eating Tasty Animals277
Mile High Porkers277
18The Brissie Basters276
Big Dog BBQ276
20Tony Danza’s Meat Bonanza275
The Smoking Hot Bro’s275
The Smoking Barrels BBQ275
23The Shank Bros274
Drunk on Smoke274
25Where There’s Smoke There’s Dinner273
26The 77301 Texas Barbeque Co.272
27The Smoking Jackets271
28Weber kettle club269
Team Horizon269
Hops & Fire Heads269
The Shank Sistas269
32The Meating Place268
33The Beard and the BBQ267
34Smoke Machine264
Grillas in the Mist264
36Yoder Smokers263
37Agents of Cue259
Sipped smokers259
Country Boys BBQ259
Men of meat smokehouse259
41The Inglorious Basters257
The Steak Holders257
43Manning Valley Naturally256
44Aussie Pitmasters255
BLVD Restaurant BBQ255
Horns Up BBQ255
47May the Sauce be with you254
Smokeface Grillahs254
49We’re Smoking Something253
50Rollin Smoke BBQ251
51Benzine Barbecue249
52Smoke on the Water248
53Blue Dog BBQ247
I’ll Cue With You247
55Back Deck BBQ245
Smokin Hot n’ Saucy245
57The Casual Smokers244
Beers Boys BBQ244
59Bulldogs BBQ Australia243
All About Taste – Rare Breeds243
The Smoke Kings243
ultimate bbq243
63Mind if I smoke?242
6450 Shades Of Pork241
Degrees Of Smoke241
66Barbecue Mafia240
67Lamb Shank Redemption238
68Violent Smoko235
69Laigh an’ Langsome231
70Smokey BBQ Bandits230
71Smoking Gun BBQ226
Pitmaker Australia226
73Scotch & Smoke225
74Smoke and Mirrors220
Liqard pigs220
76Motley Bar-B-Crue219
77Digs BBQ210
78The Social Smokers209
79BBQ Medic205
80Hot Beef Injections204
81Southern Blend BBQ187
82Grilln’ Like a Villain185


1The Smoking Hot Bro’s322
2Agents of Cue306
3Smoke on the Water300
4Double Barrel BBQ299
5Bad Ass BBQ297
Hops & Fire Heads297
7Techs Us BBq292
The Social Smokers292
9Smokin Aces291
50 Shades Of Pork291
11Smokeface Grillahs289
Pitmaker Australia289
The Meat Sweats289
14Mind if I smoke?288
15Where There’s Smoke There’s Dinner286
Smokin Sounds286
17Barbecue Mafia284
18Big Dog BBQ283
19Southern Boys Barbecue282
20Manning Valley Naturally281
21The Smoke Kings278
22Burn for Yew277
23Sipped smokers274
24The Brissie Basters273
25Sons Of Hickory272
26BLVD Restaurant BBQ271
27The Casual Smokers269
The Meating Place269
29The Shank Bros268
30XS BBQ266
31Grillas in the Mist264
32The Beard and the BBQ263
Mile High Porkers263
34I’ll Cue With You262
35Horns Up BBQ259
36Kiss My Brisket258
The Inglorious Basters258
38Limp Brisket257
39Hot Beef Injections256
We’re Smoking Something256
The Shank Sistas256
42Smoke and Mirrors254
43Back Deck BBQ253
Rollin Smoke BBQ253
46Bulldogs BBQ Australia252
Motley Bar-B-Crue252
Lamb Shank Redemption252
49Weber kettle club251
Smoking Gun BBQ251
The Fluke & Bruce251
52Men of meat smokehouse250
53Smokin Hot n’ Saucy249
54Country Boys BBQ247
55Southern Blend BBQ246
56Digs BBQ245
57The Smoking Jackets244
58Grilln’ Like a Villain241
59BBQ Medic240
Scotch & Smoke240
Degrees Of Smoke240
62Benzine Barbecue239
63Liqard pigs238
May the Sauce be with you238
65Aussie Pitmasters237
66Laigh an’ Langsome236
67Pitmasters Eating Tasty Animals235
All About Taste – Rare Breeds235
69Smoke Machine233
70The 77301 Texas Barbeque Co.231
ultimate bbq231
72Beers Boys BBQ229
73Blue Dog BBQ228
74Yoder Smokers224
Drunk on Smoke224
76The Smoking Barrels BBQ222
77Black Iron Smokers213
78Violent Smoko209
79Smokey BBQ Bandits208
80The Steak Holders204
81Team Horizon201
82Tony Danza’s Meat Bonanza74


1The Smoking Hot Bro’s340
2The Beard and the BBQ339
3The Meat Sweats308
4We’re Smoking Something304
5Double Barrel BBQ303
6Kiss My Brisket299
7Weber kettle club292
Smokin Hot n’ Saucy292
9Rollin Smoke BBQ291
1050 Shades Of Pork290
11Laigh an’ Langsome289
12BLVD Restaurant BBQ285
13Back Deck BBQ283
The Inglorious Basters283
Smoke Machine283
16The Brissie Basters282
17Pitmasters Eating Tasty Animals281
Pitmaker Australia281
20Barbecue Mafia280
Lamb Shank Redemption280
22The Steak Holders279
23Southern Boys Barbecue276
Burn for Yew276
25Smokin Sounds275
Scotch & Smoke275
Hops & Fire Heads275
Digs BBQ275
29The Shank Sistas274
30Mind if I smoke?272
Smokeface Grillahs272
32Benzine Barbecue269
33Blue Dog BBQ268
Grilln’ Like a Villain268
Yoder Smokers268
37The Meating Place267
38The Social Smokers266
Aussie Pitmasters266
All About Taste – Rare Breeds266
41I’ll Cue With You265
42The Smoking Barrels BBQ264
Bad Ass BBQ264
ultimate bbq264
45BBQ Medic262
Team Horizon262
47The Shank Bros260
48Horns Up BBQ259
49Big Dog BBQ258
50Agents of Cue256
51Mile High Porkers254
52Beers Boys BBQ253
53Smoking Gun BBQ252
54Men of meat smokehouse250
Tony Danza’s Meat Bonanza250
56Where There’s Smoke There’s Dinner249
57Sons Of Hickory248
58Manning Valley Naturally247
59Grillas in the Mist245
Sipped smokers245
61Smokin Aces244
62Liqard pigs239
63Black Iron Smokers238
64The Fluke & Bruce237
65Country Boys BBQ236
66Limp Brisket235
67Smoke and Mirrors234
Smokey BBQ Bandits234
69Smoke on the Water232
70The Smoking Jackets226
71Techs Us BBq224
72May the Sauce be with you221
73Southern Blend BBQ216
74Bulldogs BBQ Australia210
75Hot Beef Injections208
The 77301 Texas Barbeque Co.208
77Degrees Of Smoke204
78The Smoke Kings203
79Violent Smoko196
80The Casual Smokers193
81Motley Bar-B-Crue185
82Drunk on Smoke171

Pork Ribs

1Rollin Smoke BBQ323
2Kiss My Brisket304
3Scotch & Smoke297
4XS BBQ296
5Double Barrel BBQ295
6Smokeface Grillahs294
7Smokin Aces291
8The Inglorious Basters288
9BLVD Restaurant BBQ287
10Hops & Fire Heads286
Sipped smokers286
12Barbecue Mafia285
13Blue Dog BBQ284
14Beers Boys BBQ283
The Beard and the BBQ283
16Smokin Sounds281
Yoder Smokers281
18Men of meat smokehouse280
19Sons Of Hickory279
The Meating Place279
Benzine Barbecue279
22I’ll Cue With You277
The Shank Bros277
24Agents of Cue275
25Country Boys BBQ274
26Where There’s Smoke There’s Dinner273
27Burn for Yew272
28The Smoke Kings271
The Smoking Jackets271
Weber kettle club270
32We’re Smoking Something269
33Aussie Pitmasters267
34Bad Ass BBQ266
35Violent Smoko265
Manning Valley Naturally265
37Mind if I smoke?263
Smokey BBQ Bandits263
39Smokin Hot n’ Saucy260
Mile High Porkers260
41Digs BBQ259
42The Meat Sweats257
43Back Deck BBQ256
Grillas in the Mist256
45Smoke on the Water254
Wild Boar BBQ254
The Social Smokers254
48Black Iron Smokers253
May the Sauce be with you253
50Team Horizon249
51The Smoking Hot Bro’s248
52The Fluke & Bruce247
53Horns Up BBQ246
54Bulldogs BBQ Australia245
55The Steak Holders243
The Brissie Basters243
Liqard pigs243
58Pitmaker Australia242
59All About Taste – Rare Breeds241
60Southern Boys Barbecue240
61Motley Bar-B-Crue237
The Shank Sistas237
63BBQ Medic235
The Smoking Barrels BBQ235
65Degrees Of Smoke233
66Smoke and Mirrors232
67Techs Us BBq231
Lamb Shank Redemption231
Limp Brisket231
70Grilln’ Like a Villain230
7150 Shades Of Pork228
Drunk on Smoke228
73Tony Danza’s Meat Bonanza227
74Smoking Gun BBQ226
75Hot Beef Injections223
76The Casual Smokers222
77The 77301 Texas Barbeque Co.218
78Big Dog BBQ215
79Southern Blend BBQ214
80Laigh an’ Langsome209
81Pitmasters Eating Tasty Animals203
82ultimate bbq192

Chef’s Choice

Note:Not a GC category.

1The Fluke & Bruce347
2Where There’s Smoke There’s Dinner334
3Weber kettle club323
4Smoke on the Water322
5Double Barrel BBQ317
The Shank Sistas317
7The Meat Sweats315
8Burn for Yew313
9Country Boys BBQ310
10Blue Dog BBQ308
Bulldogs BBQ Australia308
12Back Deck BBQ304
13Smokey BBQ Bandits303
15Beers Boys BBQ295
16Grilln’ Like a Villain293
17Barbecue Mafia292
Smokin Sounds292
19The Casual Smokers291
Smokin Aces291
21Grillas in the Mist290
Pitmaker Australia290
23The Social Smokers287
24Smoking Gun BBQ286
25Tony Danza’s Meat Bonanza284
50 Shades Of Pork284
Techs Us BBq284
Smokin Hot n’ Saucy284
I’ll Cue With You284
Sons Of Hickory284
31Southern Blend BBQ283
32Southern Boys Barbecue281
33The Shank Bros280
34All About Taste – Rare Breeds279
35The Inglorious Basters277
Pitmasters Eating Tasty Animals277
37Scotch & Smoke276
38Lamb Shank Redemption275
Mind if I smoke?275
40Hops & Fire Heads272
41Bad Ass BBQ269
42Agents of Cue268
43The Smoking Barrels BBQ267
Rollin Smoke BBQ267
45Smoke and Mirrors266
Team Horizon266
47Benzine Barbecue263
48The Beard and the BBQ262
49The Steak Holders261
50ultimate bbq257
Limp Brisket257
The Meating Place257
53The Smoke Kings256
54Big Dog BBQ253
55The Smoking Hot Bro’s250
56May the Sauce be with you249
57Mile High Porkers248
58BLVD Restaurant BBQ247
59The Smoking Jackets246
Men of meat smokehouse246
61The Brissie Basters243
62Sipped smokers242
63Smokeface Grillahs240
65Degrees Of Smoke238
66Horns Up BBQ237
67Manning Valley Naturally233
68Black Iron Smokers224
Violent Smoko224
70Digs BBQ200
71We’re Smoking Something146