Product Review – UFO Cold Smoker

The ABA’s Official Product Reviewer – Michael Rose, Reviews the UFO Cold Smoker.

ufo5Cold smoking food can be tricky if using traditional methods. We all know that there is no smoke without fire but this is a big problem if you want to smoke something without cooking it. Ideally the temperature should never exceed 20 degrees Celsius (68f) which means wherever the heat source is, it must be kept separate to the chamber that contains the food (or whatever else you choose to cold smoke) otherwise you are just hot smoking.
Over the years there have been a number of different products designed to resolve this problem. They are called ‘cold smoke generators’ and in essence, they all do the same thing – Create smoke without heat. What separates them all however, is how efficiently they do it.ufo3
The UFO Cold smoker is one of the best designed cold smokers’ I’ve seen on the market – and I’ve seen a fair few! The concept is pretty simple, a cylindrical chamber holds the wood chips which are lit through one of two small holes on the bottom of the unit. The pump (which comes with the smoker) is connected via a small rubber hose to an inlet on the back end of the chamber. This pushes the smoke out through the opposite side and into whatever cooking vessel you’ve attached it to. The wood chips burn down via gravity so you can fill it up from the top as you go.
With the UFO cold smoker you have the option of retro fitting it to an existing BBQ by utilising the included drill bit to install on the side an existing hooded gas BBQ. This means you can also use it for hot smoking too by running it while the BBQ is on and the hood is down (in fact you can do this with any outdoor cooker, not just gas).ufo1

barrelIf however, you are like me and don’t own a hooded gas BBQ you also have the option of having it stand alone and running it through the door of a smoker, barrel, box etc. I pop mine through the door of the PROQ or through the air intake of my Pit Barrel Cooker with much success. Just remember to clean the unit after each long smoke by removing the two bottom trays and giving the inside of the chamber a good scrub.
As for running costs the UFO smoker is very cheap to operate. If the cylindrical chamber is filled to the top with wood chips the UFO cold smoker can generate cold smoke for up to 10 hours producing a massive 6 cubic meters of smoke per minute. This is great for ‘set and forget’ projects.
Overall, it’s been an absolute pleasure and a lot of fun reviewing the UFO cold smoke generator. So far I’ve smoked salt, garlic, cheese and jerky but the options for cold smoking are endless and I have no doubt that if you love cold smoking you will love using the UFO Cold Smoker.

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