What an extreme weekend Aussie Barbecue delivered this weekend!

From a top of 10 degrees ‘Celsius’ in Tassie to the awesome winter top of 24 degrees in Far North Queensland, the weather was a minor issue but a huge contrast none the less.

Port Douglas hosted their first ever barbecue competition and St Helens in Tasmania bumped in for their State’s second this year to see an overall total of 19 teams compete for bragging rights and all all-important Barbeques Galore Australian Barbecue Championship points. 

Congrats to Country Boys BBQ for their Grand Championship and The Meat Sweats for their Reserve Grand Championship in beautiful Port Douglas.

Big shouts also to The Smoking Joint for their Grand Championship and to Smokeface Grrillahs for their maiden Reserve Grand Championship in the Map of Tassie.

Some solid movement in the standings see the Top 10 start to take some serious shape with around a dozen comps left for the year in Australia.

With a number of back-end-of-the-year comps already starting to fill up, maybe a few teams will have to cross the dutch to compete against the Kiwi Cuzzy Bro’s to top up their points tally to snag a decent Ranking for 2018?

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