Round 28 saw one of the most complex but exciting barbecue weekends go down in the Manning Valley, NSW as part of the Smokin the Valley Brisket Challenge with Champions awarded in the first-ever ABA Sanctioned Junior BBQ Challenge, Promoters Challenge, Brisket Challenge and Grand Champions in the main event.

Congrats to Rollin Smoke BBQ for their Round 28 Grand Championship win and newly formed The Meat Mistresses taking out the RGC

The quality of barbecue across the weekend continued to raise the bar and the scores aggregates in the main comp were off the charts.

Crowd favourites Rollin Smoke BBQ with numerous RGC’s and now two GC’s for the season move into first place to knock the Smoking Jokers off the top perch that they’d held for some months prior.

The back end of the season is going to be too nervy to watch.. the show must go on.. so stay tuned!

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