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ABA Product Reviewer, Michael Rose lays down the education on a pretty cool new-to-Aussie product – FIT Brines – thanks to American BBQ Australia.


F.I.T Brines aka ‘Flavor Infused Tenderizing’ Brines started out as a kickstarter project for 2 friends from Houston, Texas. Inspired by the convenience of a protein shake (of all things) they set out to develop a range of savoury brines that could help any would-be BBQ host cut their preparation time down considerably, thus giving themselves more time to enjoy the day. Needless to say that they met their dollar targets with ease and shortly after the F.I.T brines would be available the world over.

But what is so special about brining meat and why should we do it? There is a common misconception that brining Is only about getting sodium deeper into the meat and while that is indeed part of it, there is actually a little more science involved. Firstly, while the salt diffuses into the meat it also draws in the spices and herbs. This increase in salt actually draws more water into the meat keeping it juicy. The salt also denatures the proteins which also helps tenderise the meat. This means, not only are you getting the salt and flavours deep into the protein but you are also ensuring a more tender and juicy piece of meat. As BBQ enthusiasts I don’t need to tell you how important that is!!

There are 9 flavours available in the F.I.T Brines range giving you complete coverage across all of your favourite meals –

  • Original Hickory – Smokey with subtle heat
  • Savoury Chipotle – Tex-mex profile with medium heat (Makes the best Fajitas)
  • Mesquite Apple – Sweet and smoky apple (Great with pork)
  • Sweet and Spicy – Sweet but mild heat
  • Thai Curry – East Asian flavours
  • Jamaican Jerk – Thyme, clove, allspice with generous heat (jerk chicken)
  • Garlic and Herb – Mild, rosemary and oregano flavours (Lambs best friend!)
  • Mango Habanero – Very spicy with unique mango flavour
  • Lemon Pepper – Peppery, herby, citrusy

All flavours are 100% natural and gluten free (which is an added bonus should you be hosting someone who is on a gluten free diet – theres always one!) and don’t be afraid to mix a few of them together – I find that equal quantities of the ‘lemon Pepper’ and ‘Garlic and Herb’ will give you the best lamb cutlets you’ve ever had, seriously! I also use the ‘Garlic and Herb’ or the ‘Original Hickory’ to cut some of the spicier ones back a little for those who don’t like things too spicy.

These F.I.T Brines also represent really good value for money. You only need 28gm’s (1 heaped tablespoon) to brine 500gm’s of meat which means each pouch is good for over 8kgs of protein!

In summary I have really enjoyed using these F.I.T Brines and have found that I am now reaching for them more often than I have been the salt and pepper grinders. And because you only need to throw them in a bag with the meat and water you really do save a lot of time – Highly recommended.

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