The ABA Member Survey isjess pryles hardcore carnivore our supporters chance to provide valuable feedback to assist in the direction and continuous improvement of the Australasian Barbecue Alliance.

The unique data collected through the survey assists the ABA and its Partners to better understand the Australian & New Zealand barbecue scene and work together to deliver better and more relevant products and services.

Home barbecue enthusiasts, competing team members, judges and keen supporters are encouraged to take a few minutes to help out and provide this valuable feedback for the betterment of the whole barbecue community.

As a goodwill gesture, random gift draws will take place each day on the ABA Facebook Group to say thank you for your time and support.

Gifts include:

Approximate gift value $1500+ across 25 winners.

*(Australia & New Zealand Residents only eligible for gifts.)

Take the 2018 ABA Member Survey by clicking the link below:

SURVEY Closed – Thanks for your feedback.

*Personal information is requested for the purposes of identifying gift winners, and validating voting in the ABA Awards Polling. No personal information is distributed to any 3rd Party for any reason. Only general statistical data kept for analysis.