The ABA confirms that the Melbourne-based Masters of Que barbecue contest on the 19th & 20th of June 2021, which is also part of the Barbeques Galore National Barbecue Championship Series, has been afforded a Double Championship Points Wildcard Round status.

The ABA Contest Committee recently made the decision to award the Wildcard Round to the Masters of Que event (whilst open to any/all teams in Australia to attend at the Promoter’s discretion as per usual) primarily to help support Victorian and South Australian teams continue to feature in the Championship Series) who have had limited access to contests since the first (of multiple) COVID lockdowns and or restrictions in early 2020 & 2021.

This Wildcard Round would be run exactly the same as any other Championship Series Contest, with the exception that any Leaderboard Points scored by a team at this event being allocated twice, in two separate scores, to be added to their 2020/21 Leaderboard tally.

All other ABA Rules apply to this contest.The ABA does not see any benefit in giving an unfair advantage to any Promoter, Team, State/Territories or Country as part of its network. Likewise, the ABA does not promote an ‘us-versus-them’ mentality when it comes to any States/Territory – rather, the ABA promotes supporting each other, inclusion and fairness in all circumstances.

A reminder at this time that all teams should take the time to read the ABA Rules for Contests and the ABA has a Code of Conduct for all teams to adhere to if they wish to compete in any/all ABA Contests. The ABA Code of Conduct is very clear on the expectations of sportsman-like conduct on and off the park.