Protein Leaderboard – Lamb

1272.67Grillas In The Mist
2262.20Primal Iron BBQ
3254.12The Jacks Creek BBQ Team
4249.77Big Smoke BBQ
5228.63The Grilling Project
6227.80Smoked Beyond Smoked
7227.75Dusty Que
8217.88Pit Crew BBQ
9209.51Aussie Pit Boys
10194.02Red Smoke BBQ
11179.33Bluebird BBQ Crew
12164.47Smooth N SmOakey Salad Dodgers
13139.64Smokey Days BBQ
14131.98Awesome Ugly BBQ
15125.96Smoke N Daggers BBQ
16120.26Smoke Gods BBQ
18114.15Butterbeard BBQ
19100.81Undisputed BBQ
2097.03Lamb Shank Redemption
2191.99Pits And Giggles
2284.74Where There's Smoke There's Dinner
Not Ranked195.27Barbecue Asylum
Not Ranked159.65Smokeface Grillahs
Not Ranked156.27The Smoking Hot Bros
Not Ranked130.91Smokin Swine
Not Ranked129.62Hughesey's Que
Not Ranked124.55The Feddy Kitchen and Smokehouse
Not Ranked121.04Black Glove BBQ
Not Ranked102.28Smokin Hot n Saucy
Not Ranked101.13Signature Smoke
Not Ranked100.57Double Barrel BBQ
Not Ranked100.00Meat'N Cider
Not Ranked100.00Smoking Codds BBQ
Not Ranked97.89Jimmy Brisket
Not Ranked96.56Bogan BBQ
Not Ranked94.45Bato Brothers BBQ
Not Ranked91.67Smokin Hot Cocks BBQ
Not Ranked89.66Fowl Mouth BBQ
Not Ranked88.89What's Your Beef?
Not Ranked86.28Country Boys BBQ
Not Ranked85.00Chops and Snags
Not Ranked82.73TexAus BBQ
Not Ranked82.36Serial Grillers
Not Ranked80.00Big Bark Hunter BBQ
Not Ranked77.78Sticky Pits BBQ
Not Ranked75.00Kamikaze
Not Ranked72.23Devine Swine
Not Ranked70.59The Dirty South
Not Ranked66.67Lick of Smoke BBQ
Not Ranked65.52Low and Slow BBQ Shack
Not Ranked64.71Max Diff BBQ
Not Ranked63.89Butcher's Axe BBQ
Not Ranked62.75Mikasue BBQ
Not Ranked61.12No Beard Required BBQ
Not Ranked60.79Ham Dunk BBQ
Not Ranked58.34Fat Cuts BBQ
Not Ranked56.87The Meat Sweats
Not Ranked55.56Big Ugly BBQ
Not Ranked55.18Smoking dog bbq
Not Ranked55.00Kraken Pepper
Not Ranked54.91The Brissie Basters
Not Ranked52.78Hannibal Injectors
Not Ranked51.73Burnt Magpies BBQ
Not Ranked50.00Rubbed Up Down Under
Not Ranked49.02The Chain Smokers
Not Ranked47.06Bulldogs BBQ Australia
Not Ranked45.10Charlottes Weber
Not Ranked44.45Basting Bros BBQ
Not Ranked43.14Smoke On The Water
Not Ranked38.89Southern Boys BBQ
Not Ranked36.12Glazy Days BBQ
Not Ranked33.41Mary Valley Hogs
Not Ranked33.34Moist BBQ
Not Ranked32.23Let There Be Smoke
Not Ranked31.99Aussie Smoke Kings
Not Ranked31.38Billy Goats
Not Ranked31.04The Empire Smokes Back
Not Ranked30.56Fahrenheit 205
Not Ranked29.10Rare breed BBQ
Not Ranked25.00Brisket Boys
Not Ranked25.00Coastie Boys BBQ
Not Ranked23.14Love Handles BBQ
Not Ranked22.23Smoke Signals BBQ
Not Ranked20.93Porky and The Brine
Not Ranked19.45Heat Check Barbecue
Not Ranked17.65Holborn Smokey BBQ & Grill
Not Ranked16.67Rib Stars From Mars
Not Ranked15.69Chipilly BBQ
Not Ranked13.89Sandgroper BBQ
Not Ranked5.56Happy Grillmore
Not Ranked5.00Weber Kettle Club
Not Ranked3.45Smokin Sappers BBQ
Not Ranked2.78Agents Of Cue
Not Ranked1.97Cassakaes BBQ