The Protein Championships will run separately to the Barbecues Galore Championship Series leaderboard with individual prize monies and trophies for each category.


  • Brisket
  • Pork Ribs
  • Chicken
  • Lamb


  • When Australian and New Zealand teams compete in any ABA Sanctioned Championship Round contest, points for the categories’ will automatically be awarded to the Protein Championships leaderboards on their own countries’ Leaderboard.
  • Only Australian & New Zealand resident teams are eligible for Australian/New Zealand individual Protein series, prizes and/or Australian or New in a competition year, 6 in Australia and 6 in New Zealand, on a first come first serve basis to a promoter or sanctioning body ABA/NZBA.
  • A maximum of 6 only standalone Protein Championship events will be allowed in a calendar year. An event cannot be run alongside a championship series round at the same event. The standalone events are to help promote competition bbq and allow first time teams to experience a lowand slow completion on an introductory level while allowing current teams to brush up on the proteins they made need to practice while gaining points towards the Protein Championships leaderboard.
  • Standalone Protein Championship events must have a minimum of 10 teams. The competition will only have two, prior selected proteins that will be cooked on the day of the contest, a selected protein combination will be given to a promoter on a first in first served basis.
  • When one of the 6 selected protein combinations has been completed, that combination will not be available to be used again in that competition year.

The 6 Protein Championship Combinations are:

  • Chicken and Lamb
  • Chicken and Pork Ribs
  • Chicken and Brisket
  • Lamb and Brisket
  • Lamb and Pork Ribs
  • Pork Ribs and Brisket


  • Australian and New Zealand teams must compete in a minimum of 3 ABA Championship rounds and/or Protein Championship Series Competitions (in Australia or New Zealand) within the 2022 Calendar year to be eligible for the overall Protein Championship series, championship prizes and to receive a National Ranking in their respective Protein Championship. More than 3 competitions can be entered.
  • Australian and New Zealand teams can compete in any ABA Sanctioned Championship Round contest and Protein Championship points awarded will be tallied on their own countries Protein Championships. Other international teams are not eligible for the Protein Championships.
  • The best three Protein Championship scores from the Team’s best 3 competitions are tallied to reveal an overall Leaderboard score. Hand-ins that are not Protein Championship series categories are not eligible for points, prizes or tally.
  • Protein Championship series points are awarded at 100 points for a 1st place win, with a percentage of 100 points awarded for each subsequent team placing. For example a 20 team contest will be awarded 100 points for 1st place, 95 points for 2nd, 90 points 3rd, 85 points 4th and so on down to 5 points for 20th place.
  • Protein Championships rankings will only apply at the conclusion of the 2022 series with all leaderboard rankings throughout the year being a provisional ranking for tally purposes only. A team’s official National Protein Championship ranking will be held for the duration of the following year.
  • Only Australian & New Zealand resident teams are eligible for Protein Championship placings, prizes and/or Australian or New Zealand Ranking for 2022
  • The team with the highest points score from their 3 best eligible contests will win the Protein Championship series.
  • In the event of a tie for a Top 10 placing, a count-back system will apply to break a tie in the following order.

ABA Individual Protein Series Count-back System 2022

Team with the highest aggregate number of teams beaten to win their 3 best 1st places wins will win the tie. i.e. Team 1, 3 x 1st place wins beating 30, 45, 50 teams = 125 teams beaten. Team 2, 3 x 1st place wins beating 30, 45, 49 teams = 124 teams beaten. Team 1 wins the tie breaker.

Team with the most number of 1st place wins in eligible categories across the calendar year will win the tie. Team with the most number of 2nd & 3rd Place wins in eligible categories across the calendar year will win the tie.

The Australasian Barbecue Alliance Protein Championship winners will receive:

  • Official Australian Protein Championship champion status. Will be assigned Team # 1 and Ranked #1 in Australia and New Zealand for the Individual category that they placed in.
  • $1000 Cash.
  • #1 Team Protein Trophy.
  • Prominent perpetual accolade on from 2022.
  • Additional Team Prizes per category
  • 2nd Place – $750 Cash + APC Trophy
  • 3rd Place – $ 500 Cash + APC Trophy
  • 4th Place – APC Trophy
  • 5th Place – APC Trophy

NOTE: Please refer to the ABA Sanctioned Contest General Rules 2022 on for rules and conditions of entry.