Smoking Lamb – the ABA video guides

Just one of the great instalments in our series produced specifically for Aussie low’n’slow enthusiasts, this one is all about the lamb. Hosted by Jess Pryles, this guide chats about the different cuts you can use, why lamb is great for smoking and...

Timber Talk: how to choose the right wood for barbecuing

Smoke is the essence of low n slow barbecue and you can’t make smoke without wood. Here, Jess Pryles and the Australasian Barbecue Alliance take a look at the best woods to use for BBQ, what is “seasoned” wood, and how to match different species to...

Brisket 101: a barbecue basics guide

Jess Pryles from the Australasian Barbecue Alliance BurgerMary explains the basic of exactly what brisket is and where it comes from, plus some top cooking tips from the ABA pitmasters!