Hosting a BBQ Competition

The Australasian Barbecue Alliance contracts its services to Event Promoters across Australia and New Zealand to provide systems, processes and adjudications for a Promoter’s barbecue competition.

The ABA does not run the overall event.

A Promoter is responsible for the actual event, including securing the venue, obtaining permits, insurance, site maps, bump in and outs, marketing and attracting teams and judges amongst other things. The ABA is a contractor to the Promoter for the purposes of ensuring quality systems, processes and adjudications in relation to the barbecue competition element of the event. 

The ABA provides to the Promoter its social media platforms, systems and processes, experience and credibility to ensure a world-class competition format and detailed results in multiple formats in quick time.

For first-time Promoters, the ABA has created an ‘ABA Lite’ or Self Sanction ‘How To Guide’ on how Promoters can run their own ABA Supported event as a stepping stone to running a Championship Series event at a later date.

The ABA has also teamed up with the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) to offer yet another excellent opportunity for Promoters to host a high quality barbecue or grilling competition.

If you are interested in hosting a competition, please complete the form to the right or below and you will be taken to the current sanctioning agreement.

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