The Australian Barbecue Alliance contracts its services to Event Promoters across Australia and New Zealand to provide systems, processes and adjudications for a Promoter’s barbecue competition.


  • The ABA does not run the overall event.
  • A Promoter is responsible for the actual event, including securing the venue, obtaining permits, insurance, site maps, bump in and outs, marketing and attracting teams and judges amongst other things.
  • The ABA is a contractor to the Promoter for the purposes of ensuring quality systems, processes and adjudications in relation to the barbecue competition element of the event. 
  • The ABA provides to the Promoter its social media platforms, systems and processes, experience and credibility to ensure a world-class competition format and detailed results in multiple formats in quick time.
  • The ABA has also teamed up with the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) to offer yet another excellent opportunity for Promoters to host a high quality barbecue or grilling competition.


If you are interested in hosting a competition, please download the sanctioning agreement.


You can submit your event for inclusion using the form below.