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Brews and Barbie Bash
26th and 27th October 2018


1The Smoke Kings329
2Highland Q 326
3Where There's Smoke There's Dinner318
4The Brissie Basters314
5Up In Smoke309
6Black Bark Barbecue306
7The Baste Brothers BBQ303
8Smokin Sappers BBQ302
9Bluebird BBQ Crew299
10Country Boys BBQ291
11Family Q287
12The Smoking Hot Bros286
1350 Shades of Pork282
Smoke Hunters BBQ Team282
Smoking Dog BBQ282
16Pit Crew BBQ278
17Pits & Giggles276
18Phat Boyz Smoking270
19Old Skool Barbeque262
20Low'n'Slow BBQ Shack188

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